Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. We strongly recommend that you read everything in this page.

For all bookings through 3rd parties, check-in starts at 3:00pm. For bookings made directly with us you can check-in earlier if the previous guests have departed and housekeeping has been completed for your allocated room(s). If you arrive before 3:00pm and your room is not ready, there is space available to leave your bags.
Latest check-in is at 9:00pm. For check-ins after 9:00pm we need to be informed in advance and there is a late check-in fee of £5 per half hour after 9:00pm. As an alternative, you may ask a friend or relative to do the check-in for you before 9:00pm, so that you can get the room key from them and go to your room any time you like. Please note that, for late check-ins we can only accept guests until midnight the latest. Please note we cannot guarantee you will be able to check-in after 9:00pm unless we have been contacted and arranged it with you first.
Yes, the main entrance is locked from 9:00pm till 10:00am of the next day
Your room key opens the main entrance door as well. And there’s always staff in the hotel, who can let you in if you don’t have a key.
Certainly not! Our keys are specially manufactured with a twin code. One part of the key is common in all keys and is used to open the main entrance and the second part of the key is exclusive to your room door only. Nobody can open your door unless they have your key, and you can open nobody else’s door unless you have their key. We’ve seen this remark being left online as a negative review so many times and it is really unfortunate that people don’t read the FAQ or simply… ask us.
All guests get their own room key (max. 2 per room) at the time of check-in, which also opens the Hotel’s front door, so guests have 24 hours access to the hotel. Especially for Friday and Saturday nights, if you are part of a big group in a multishare room, you will have to register with your name at the Reception at the time of check-in, so the night porter will allow you entry to the hotel and to your room at any time of night, even if you don’t have a key with you.
Our beds are single size beds. The mattress dimensions are 190 x 70 cm (74.8 x 27.6 inches). Our double beds are two singles together (linked beds).
No, it is not. We have never allowed any council housing since 2009, when the hotel was run under different management. If you are looking for council housing, you will have to ask the council. Sorry about that.
There is an ironing board and iron available for you to use. Just contact the reception when you want it. It can’t be used in the room for fire safety reasons. As for fans and hair dryers, just ask!
Our hotel does not have a kitchen, therefore we are unable to provide any of the above. Please note that cooking in rooms is strictly prohibited for fire safety reasons.
You surely can! Remember to tell them your room number.
None of our rooms has a fridge, but we will be happy to store your medication in our fridge for you. You can have access to your medication by contacting the reception at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our family rooms can sleep 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 guests each.
Yes, some of our large family rooms are equipped with bunk beds. Our smaller rooms have single, normal beds.
Just contact us and tell us what room type you want and we’ll help you find the best available. Please avoid leaving this for the last minute, it might be too late for us to change the beds at the time of check-in or move you to a different room.
Check-out is by 10:00am.
You certainly can. You can extend your check-out time for £5 per hour per room (by prior agreement), for a maximum of 4 hours. You need to inform us and pay the late check-out fee by 9:00pm of the night prior to your departure. In case of late check-out, your vehicle parking will automatically be extended free of charge until midnight of the check-out day. Please note that, in line with our Terms & Conditions, unannounced late check-out is charged at a double rate.
You certainly can. It is free of charge until midday, then it costs £5 per room (not per item) until 9pm the latest.
Pre-booking is not necessary for any of the above. Just ask at the Reception at the time of check-in.
Visitors are allowed in your room from 10:00am until 9:00pm. Visitors who stay or arrive after 9:00pm will be considered as unchecked-in guests and the amount of £40 per person will automatically be charged to your booking or security debit/credit card, regardless of how much time they spend in your room.
Our bookings are made under the condition that they are non-cancellable, non-refundable and non-transferable. This applies to all bookings made through 3rd parties (such as or or any other agent) and to most of the bookings made over the phone. The sole exception is for very large bookings (over 15-20 people) made directly with us as explained here. Our non-cancellable, non-refundable policy is clearly stated over the phone before you make your booking, as well as on all websites we advertise on, such as the two mentioned earlier.
This has been such a long-standing problem that we were actually forced to create a separate page for it! Click here to read it.
This has been such a long-standing problem that we were actually forced to create a separate page for it! Click here to read it.
Yes, there is a car parking area at the back of the hotel.
As we have a limited number of parking spaces, parking is offered on a first-come, first served basis and is guaranteed only for bookings made directly with us (read more here). We cannot guarantee a parking space will be available, and we do not offer pre-booking for car parking.
Parking is available at the cost (administration fee) of £5 per night for cars and small vans or £10 for vehicles that occupy two parking bays and lasts from midday to midday of the following day.
Bournemouth is a very busy town and parking is really hard to find, especially near the town centre or the beach. If you do not wish to pay our £5 administration fee for 24 hours parking (midday to midday of the next day), feel free to explore nearby parking areas (and how much they charge) at Parkopedia or try your luck with on-street parking.
No, you don’t. Blue badge holders can park free of charge. There is one dedicated blue badge space in our car park, but you can use any space you want if the dedicated one is taken.
No, you don’t, motorcycles park for free. The only thing we ask is that you please don’t occupy a whole parking bay if possible.
No hotel offers free parking. They just include it in the room’s price and call it “free”. By doing that, they are charging that fee to all guests, regardless of whether they have a car or not. We think it’s very unfair to put this surcharge to people who don’t have a car, which is why we charge our parking administration fee separately.
You probably missed it. Our parking administration fees are clearly mentioned on both our listing pages on and

Here’s the screenshot from

Here’s the screenshot from

And here’s a second screenshot from

All these pages can be seen before a guest decides to make a booking, so that they know that parking is charged for and consider that in their decision. We also mention it before guests make a booking over the phone, for the same reason. And, of course, we also mention it on our website, in the Hotel Facilities page.

You can, as long as there is space available and only after midday of your arrival day.
Our car park is monitored by CCTV. Some areas are monitored by our cameras and some by the hotel’s next door. Our night porters also patrol our car park at irregular times during the night. As it is an openly accessible car park without any gates, it is strongly advised that you do not leave any items of value in your car and you keep your car locked. This is a good practice wherever you go, not just in Bournemouth or in our car park.
Sure, you can leave it until midday. After that, you will need to pay for another day’s parking, even if you’ll only be using the car park for only a few hours, and only under the condition that we are not expecting many guests to arrive for the day (which is usually the case, especially during the summer season). As this is a per-day case, your safest bet is to ask at the reception and we’ll let you know if it’s an option or not.
As much as we love pets, unfortunately, we don’t accept pets at the hotel.
We do not provide disabled access but we can allocate ground floor rooms to people with mobility difficulties. Please contact us before you book to check on availability. Also, please understand that it is really difficult for any hotel to accommodate you if you mention you need a ground floor room when you come to check-in. We want to help as much as possible and we’ll go out of our way to do everything we can, but if you arrive for check-in at 9pm and the hotel is fully booked there’s nothing we can do. The earlier you inform us, the more chances we’ll have to help you.
Unfortunately not. If you require a ground floor room, please contact us before you book to check on availability. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a ground floor room unless we receive prior notice.
We do not provide baby cots, but babies and children under 4 years old can sleep on their parent’s beds free of charge. If you are planning to bring a travel cot with you, please contact us to confirm there is space for it in your allocated room.
Only well behaved ones! And only on Fridays and Saturdays. See more here.
We’ve seen these reviews too but unfortunately they don’t give the full picture. Allow us to explain. When we receive a booking, unless it comes from a stag/hen company, we only see a name and a range of dates booked. With such limited info, it is practically impossible to know if the guests that will arrive will consist of young people coming to Bournemouth to party, or a family, or contractors working in the area. We are only made aware of this when our guests come to check in, when we first meet them in person.

When we know that a booking is made by people who come to party or by stag/hen companies, we always allocate rooms which are a fair distance from the singles, doubles, triples or small family rooms, to avoid disturbances. But, unless guests actively inform us (i.e. call us), we can only use our experience to guess who a booking will be for.

It is standard practice for us to swap rooms to ensure everyone will be happy with their stay, even at the very last minute (at the time of check-in). We aren’t aware of any existing system or technology that can help a hotel know who (or how loud) their guests will be in advance, just from their name (if you do, please contact us asap, we want your wisdom). So the answer is that we make every possible effort to ensure stag or hen parties aren’t allocated rooms next to families. If a family comes to check in at 9pm on a Saturday night and the rest of the hotel is already fully booked, there’s not much we can do.

Our Reception opens at 10:00am and closes at 9:00pm, but there’s staff in the building 24/7 to assist you with anything you need.
There are emergency/night staff in the building at all times. There is also an emergency phone number you can call, which can be found on the back of all room doors, right next to the WiFi password.
To stay on a Friday, Saturday or Bank Holiday, you must be 18 or over. To stay during the week, you must be 16 or over. This rule does not apply to family bookings, so please contact us to discuss further.
You can read our Terms & Conditions here

If there’s something else you’d like to ask that’s not been covered above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.