We are located at West Cliff, very close to the Bournemouth Pier, the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) and the town centre. Here’s some helpful info on how to find us:

By coach or train

Upon arrival at Bournemouth Coach Station or Train Station (they’re next to each other), take bus No 50 (for timetables and ticket cost info click here). Come off at the stop called Beacon Road, it’s the one right after the BIC. Cross the street and you’re there! The best part? You can take the same bus (No 50) back to the coach/train station (and you won’t even have to cross the road, the bus stop is right outside our door).

If you prefer walking instead, it’s roughly 30 minutes walk (1.3 miles or 2.2 km). Here’s a map (we suggest the south walk, much more stuff to see).

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There are also plenty of taxis available outside both stations. It’s about 7 minutes drive to the hotel, depending on traffic of course.

By air

There are buses and trains from London Heathrow and London Gatwick that bring you to Bournemouth Coach or Train station. Upon arrival, simply follow the coach or train instructions above. If you are arriving at Bournemouth Airport, there are regular buses to the town centre. For more details on routes and fares, visit Bournemouth Airport’s website here.

By car

If your Sat Nav allows coordinates, use Lat 50.716965°, Long -1.882497°. These will bring you right at the entrance of our car park (the P on the map below). Then just walk to the hotel’s entrance (marked by the little yellow house icon).

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If you use our postcode BH2 5DF, some Sat Navs will take you to the other side of the road (somewhere on Beacon Road – bottom right of the map), but give us a call and we’ll guide you from there. If you don’t have a Sat Nav at all, just type your starting address on the form below to see instructions on how to get to us. Please note these instructions are provided by Google, not by the hotel, so double-check if they are correct prior to your departure.

On foot, from the BIC or Bournemouth Pier

Find the roundabout next to the BIC (Bournemouth International Centre). Take the exit uphill, towards West Cliff. We are at the top of the hill on the right hand side. Catch your breath when you arrive, it’s a steep hill.